Who we are

Everyday since 2012, we have been doing everything to better support you

AFERSYS is an independent consulting company specializing in engineering and innovation, created in 2012 by former consultants in engineering and information systems.
AFERSYS' mission is to guarantee unique support to each of its customers by offering them solutions adapted to their functional needs.
Since January 2020, AFERSYS has joined the group VERSUSMIND       

Sharing lying at the heart of our DNA

Conferences & Events

Participate in technical conferences in which consultants exchange on a technology of their expertise

Technological Lab

CIR Entitled, we work on research and development projects

Internal Hackathons

Short Scrum projects, in order to work on innovative subjects in collaborative mode

A technical pole made up of tens of people mixing Lead, Back, Front, Data and Devops profiles

Expertise poles

Our technologies

Our Projects